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NanoDynamics Offer NanoPurity Media for Water Remediation Applications

NanoDynamics subsidiary MetaMateria Partners (MMP) offers NanoPurity™ media for use in a variety of water remediation applications.

NanoPurity media is comprised of a lightweight and porous ceramic technology into which nanoparticles, nanofibers or nanocrystals are deposited to remove, catalyze, inactivate or neutralize specific contaminants found in water. These nanomaterials enable such water remediation applications as arsenic and lead removal, abiotic reductive dehalogenation, heavy metals absorption, groundwater bioremediation, and phosphate removal.

The media itself is made from a variety of fine-grained materials and can be molded into simple or complex shapes. It allows for pore size control from sub-micron to 250 microns or larger. With an average open porosity of 85 percent, it facilitates minimally obstructed flow of the passing material, resulting in significantly lower back pressure in most filter systems. Surface area, density and strength characteristics can also be tailored to meet specific application requirements.

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