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Cenamps Video Shows How Nanotechnology Enabled Materials and Devices Are Set To Make a Better, Safer and Healthier Future For All

Cenamps is an innovative organisation committed to bringing emerging technologies to the general public by commercialising those scientific breakthroughs. Cenamps is working to bring smarter objects, smarter environments, improved healthcare and enhanced quality of life to our lives.

Much of the work Cenamps is focussed on has a nanotechnology component or incorporates materials that are nanotech enabled or are manufactured using nanoparticles.

They have recently released a video that takes a brief look at a range of technologies they are bringing to market.

The technologies examined include:

  • Novel, smart and multifunctional materials like nanostructured materials and polymer electronics
  • Flexible e-newspaper that is thin, lightweight, multimedia capable and automatically updated via satellite
  • Ultra efficient, nanotechnology enabled, environmentally friendly, low cost and low maintenance solar panels
  • Long life chemical fuel cells for vehicles that are highly efficient and power zero emissions vehicles
  • Head Up Displays (HUDs) for road users that give thermal and night vision combined with intelligent hazard detection for improved road safety.
  • Intelligent LED lighting that is environmentally friendly, efficient and has a long service life
  • Flexible interactive displays for personalised, targeted advertising that results in a personalised shopping experience
  • Smart clothing and smart implants that monitor health in real time and adapt to the body as required
  • Mobile diagnostic devices combined with customised, targeted drugs that control dru release and result in fewer negative side effects
  • New RFID tagging systems that seamlessly integrate with company systems for improved inventory control through to smart commerce with no requirement for checkouts

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