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Antimicrobial Nanotechnology Used by NFL Teams and Promoted to Professional Football Athletic Trainers

BioQuest Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of innovative, environmentally safe antimicrobial products, today announced it is educating athletic trainers from the NFL to high schools about the benefits of their new antimicrobial nanotechnology to aid athletic prevention and protection. As part of their campaign to increase awareness and education about Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) or staph infections in athletics the company has partnered with CleenFreek SportsHygiene. CleenFreek presented BioQuest’s patented microbiostatic antimicrobial nanotechnology utilized within the company’s products and solutions to NFL athletic trainers looking for cutting edge innovation to help reduce the spread of dangerous germs impacting athletes at alarming rates.

Teams at all levels from professional to youth have started using CleenFreek’s sport towels, yoga and exercise mats, shower sandals, etc. that prevent the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew which give athletes added protection and enables them to stay active. CleenFreek’s products are being used by a number of NFL teams including the New York Giants, St. Louis Rams, Tennessee Titans, Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos, and Detroit Lions. Many colleges and universities are using CleenFreek as well including major Division One schools like the University of Georgia, University of Kansas, University of Illinois and many other colleges.

One of the most pervasive problems in sports today is the spread of MRSA in team sports. CleenFreek’s products are designed to prevent and kill bacteria (including MRSA), fungus, mold and mildew before they have a chance to migrate from player to player or surface to player. Junior Seau, 12 time NFL Pro-Bowl linebacker, knows about MRSA. “After contracting MRSA and being hospitalized, I learned first hand not to take my health for granted,” said Seau. “As an 18 year veteran in the NFL, I want all athletes to get educated and protect their health from MRSA and Staph that’s why I use CleenFreek SportsHygiene. CleenFreek kills and prevents Staph, MRSA, and germs. Listen, don’t be complacent, take control, educate yourself, use CleenFreek in all athletic environments.”

Scott Seabaugh, President of CleenFreek, feels like the conference was a success. “We had a great response from professional football athletic trainers about the need for our SportsHygiene performance products and solutions that aid infectious disease prevention. BioQuest’s patented technology represents a paradigm shift in antimicrobial thinking that will immediately impact our ability to aid athletic prevention and protection, while controlling germs. We’re seeing among sports teams a shift in emphasis toward preventing the spread of infectious diseases, rather than treating the symptoms after the fact. Recent literature estimated the approximate amount to treat just one athlete contracted with MRSA will cost approximately twenty-five thousand dollars. This figure includes hospitalization, but does not quantify team implications for having a key player miss games due to a MRSA outbreak. Based upon these statistics, it is easy to understand why prevention is very important.”

Nearly two dozen professional sports teams have begun using CleenFreek preventative products and solutions as part of their hygiene regimen. Over the past year, the company has seen sales more than quadruple as athletic trainers and directors, equipment managers, coaches and parents have adopted CleenFreek products to stem not only the spread of MRSA, but to also reduce the spread of common cold and flu germs. “Already this season, MRSA has had significant impact on sports programs across the country, leading to hospitalizations, canceled games, school closures, and death. This is tragic but we are committed to our leadership roll in winning the war against staph, MRSA and germs,” Seabaugh said.

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