Oxford Instruments Launch New TEM EDS Detector

Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis is pleased to announce the launch of a new 50mm2 Si(Li) TEM EDS detector for users who want to maximise solid angle or minimise counting time.

Collection efficiency of the X-ray detector is an important parameter in EDS analysis on an Analytical Transmission Electron Microscope (ATEM) since it determines the rate of signal acquisition. The larger crystal size in the new 50mm2 detector results in a two to three-fold increase in solid angle and hence collection efficiency compared to standard 30mm2 detectors. The main benefits to the customer of this new detector are:

  • Larger Solid Angle
  • Higher Collection Efficiency
  • Decreased Counting Time
  • Ability to Analyse Smaller Structures.

This product is aimed at customers looking to increase throughput (e.g. the semiconductor industry) or those looking to improve the counting statistics for high magnification / high resolution analytical work.

The 50mm2 detector also utilizes the unique Oxford Instruments patented shutter mechanism. This closes the instant the pulse processor detects a high flux of radiation, allowing the user to quickly and efficiently protect the detector against X-ray overload and high energy backscattered electrons without the need to move the detector away from the sample each time. This means work can recommence immediately without the inconvenience of detector paralysis.

By not moving the detector between readings, there is less wear and tear on the detector’s motor and ‘O’-ring seals, reducing the likelihood of a gas leak in the system and the chances of the sample moving between readings or causing excess vibration in the system are minimal.

Combined with the patented shutter technology and Oxford Instruments’ unique PentaFET technology, the new 50mm2 detector generates new opportunities for accurate nanoanalysis in the TEM.

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