Nanophotonics, Nanoengineering and Nanotechnology Experts in Podcast Interview

Lumera Corporation, a leader in the emerging field of nanotechnology, announced today the release of its newest podcast interviews with Kimberly D.C. Trapp, Industry Liaison Officer at Lehigh University Center for Optical Technologies as well as an interview with Dr. Craig Beeson, Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).

Ms. Trapp, who is also a member of Lumera’s Board of Directors, has twenty-three years experience in the optoelectronics and telecommunications industries having served, most recently, as Marketing Operations Director at Agere Systems. She held prior marketing and technical management positions at Lucent Technologies and AT&T Bell Laboratories.

“What is very exciting about Lumera is the strategy and the view Lumera has had for some time about nanotechnology and nano-photonics. Lumera has already made major strides in these areas with the capabilities of their polymer work as well as some of the other applications of their technology,” said Ms. Trapp. “Nano-engineering, nano-photonics and nanotechnology have been synonymous with Lumera since the beginning as it is clearly part of their strategy and forward looking view of the marketplace.”

Dr. Beeson, whose research combines biophysical and organic chemistry with cell biology, is currently working with Lumera to develop next generation toxicology methods. Earlier this year, Lumera announced that it had extended its collaboration agreement with MUSC to develop an antibody array that will measure the levels and modifications of patient mitochondrial proteins.

“Technological advances such as the Lumera Proteomic Processor™ allow us to gather more detailed qualitative information that is specific in helping us understand the structure of molecules,” said Dr. Beeson. “This is essentially where the cutting edge research is now in terms of really understanding biological systems. The only way to understand how they work is by using technologies that allow you to take apart all the tiny little parts.”

“We are pleased to be associated with leading experts in the fields of electroptics and nanotechnology,” commented Lumera Chief Executive Officer Tom Mino. “Both Ms. Trapp and Dr. Beeson have not only made significant contributions to our business in helping us develop cutting-edge market technologies, but also in advancing research and understanding in each of their respective industries.”

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