Leaching Problem In Microsphere Cancer Treatment Solved

Oncologix Tech Inc. announced today that it has qualified a new design of its Oncosphere product in response to the "leaching" problem found in its previous design. The improved design was developed and qualified with the aid of its current team and a new collaborator, Starpharma's subsidiary Dendritic Nanotechnologies, Inc. (DNT) located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

The Oncosphere product is being developed as a novel microsphere technology for the treatment of soft tissue cancers. These cancers present themselves in more than 300,000 patients each year. Initially, Oncologix is targeting colorectal liver metastases, in which over 90,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. The key Oncosphere design changes to solve the leaching problem included surface chemistry modifications to the microsphere and inclusion of DNT's new proprietary Priostar™ dendrimers into the Oncosphere design. DNT also provided chemical development and manufacturing assistance in the redesign of the Oncosphere product.

The new Oncosphere design has demonstrated improved reliability and durability when tested under conditions simulating the manufacturing and clinical environments. Oncologix Tech now believes it is ready to resume animal studies and product testing in support of a future request to the FDA approval of an IDE for human clinical trials.

The concepts for the new design of the Oncosphere product and its associated delivery system may include new intellectual property. This potential IP may be supplemental to the current Oncologix-licensed patent applications of the University of Maryland or original IP that could warrant new patent applications for Oncologix Tech and its partners.

Andrew Green, President and CEO of Oncologix Tech, stated, "I have been pleased with the quick response of our team in resolving our technical issues. I am most pleased with DNT as our new partner and the possible opportunities for expanding our intellectual property. I believe that an association with DNT opens doors to new prospects for both our companies."

The DNT components are essential to the Oncosphere product and Oncologix Tech and DNT are in business discussions for supply and licensing to Oncologix of DNT's proprietary Priostar™ dendrimers for the Oncologix field of application, however we have not yet finalized this agreement. Oncologix Tech and DNT believe that there may be additional benefits gained from new technologies, products, or applications based on the combination of intellectual properties (IP) and technologies of both companies.

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