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Hard Metal Alternative Wins R&D 100 Award For NanoSteel

The NanoSteel Company, an industry leading producer of nano-structured steel alloys for industrial applications, announces that it has been awarded its third R&D 100 Award for the development of "Hardmetal Alternative Technology: Super Hard Steel(R) (SHS) 9192 Weld Wire."

Already in commercial production, the patented SHS 9192 alloy features a unique microstructure that is up to a thousand times smaller than competing products. This ultra-fine, sub-micron microstructure provides exceptional wear resistance for customers currently utilizing more expensive, tungsten-carbide based solutions in hardfacing applications.

"NanoSteel is honored by this latest recognition from R&D Magazine. The SHS 9192 weld alloy was developed from the same technology base of our SHS thermal spray alloys, which have been recognized by two previous R&D 100 awards," says Dave Paratore, president and CEO. "We continue to experience marked success in obtaining performance characteristics not thought to be achievable with iron-based alloys. The ability of both SHS 9192 and the complimentary SHS 9700 to form sub-micron microstructures provides outstanding wear performance in abrasion environments without the burden of high raw material costs that hinder most competing products. In this way, we are able to offer customers a price-performance ratio they can consistently measure and recognize as value."

SHS 9192 is designed as an alternative hardfacing solution for MIG and Open-Arc weld applications currently utilizing high performance products such as tungsten carbide. SHS 9192 extends performance beyond the recently released SHS 9700 product, which has been designed as an alternative to solutions such as chrome- and complex-carbides for low-to-medium wear resistance applications. Both NanoSteel materials are available in several wire sizes for use with widely-available commercial application equipment and processes.

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