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Calcifying Nanoparticles Shown to be Associated With Aortic Stenosis, the Leading Cause of Heart Valve Replacement

Nanobac Pharmaceuticals Inc. announces the multicenter publication of independent research which reports an association between calcifying nanoparticles (CNPs) and aortic stenosis. Aortic stenosis represents the most frequent cause of heart valve replacement (Bratos-Pérez et al, European Heart Journal Advance Access, doi:10.1093/eurheartj/ehm592).

The authors contend: “For the first time, this study shows that CNP could be causally related to aortic stenosis in humans. We suggest that CNPs colonize the aortic valve, provoking an inflammatory response, resulting in valve calcification via two distinct mechanisms: directly given their capacity to precipitate calcium in the shape of apatite crystals, at physiological calcium and phosphate concentrations, and indirectly by activating the inflammatory pathways.”

“Although the finding of nanoparticles in such a significant number of patients with calcific aortic stenosis does not establish that such particles influence this condition, the question of such influence now `begs' to be answered,” said Richard A Berger MD.FACC., Asst Professor of Cardiology University of Miami Medical School.

Diagnosis for the presence of CNPs in these patients may be of help in learning more about this frequently fatal disease. Aortic valve stenosis affects 2-8% of adults over the age of 65, and is the number one indication for surgical valve replacement in the US and Europe. Nanobac has developed proprietary diagnostics to identify patients that could benefit from therapy for preventing the advance of this disease to stages needing surgery. Valve replacement surgery is currently the only curative treatment, but it is limited to patients of younger age, better health and has the limitation of the need for anticoagulant therapy not suitable for all patients. Nanobac also has therapies that treat CNPs, and could eliminate the need for surgery.

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