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Bruker Picks Up Awards at Pittcon for Equipment Aimed at Life Science, Materials Research, Nanotechnology, Molecular Imaging, Security, Environmental Monitoring and Industrial Analysis

Bruker Corporation introduced numerous innovative high-performance systems and breakthrough solutions for life science and materials research, for molecular imaging research, for homeland security and environmental monitoring, as well as for applied and industrial analysis at Pittcon 2008.

The prestigious Pittcon Editors’ Gold Award has been awarded to the breakthrough benchtop Bruker AXS SMART X2S Crystal-to-Structure™ small molecule X-ray system which for the first time allows chemists without crystallography training to obtain routine small molecule 3D structures under full automation.

The Pittcon Editors’ Bronze Award has been awarded to Bruker AXS’ novel benchtop S2 PICOFOX™ TXRF (total reflection XRF) system for easy-to-use and robust ultra-trace elemental analysis with straight-forward and cost-effective sample preparation. The transportable S2 PICOFOX is expected to complement or replace AA and ICP in many pharma, geological, mining, environmental and food testing applications.

Moreover, the Pittcon Editors have given an ‘honorable mention’ to Bruker Daltonics’ unique new high-performance apex-ultra™ MALDI-FTMS platform for drug and metabolite tissue imaging at therapeutic dosing levels.

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