Nanotechnology Manufacturing Breakthrough Gives Nano Battery Near Infinite Shelf Life

mPhase/AlwaysReady, Inc. announced today that it has successfully fabricated nano structured separators which are critical to the production of our Smart NanoBattery at a contracted commercial foundry.

These separators allow the Smart NanoBattery electrolyte to be supported and kept away from the electrodes until needed resulting in a battery that has an almost infinite shelf life. The activation of the Smart NanoBattery is then accomplished by the phenomenon of electrowetting, which allows the electrolyte to penetrate the separator and wet the electrodes thus completing the circuit. Electrowetting is a phenomenon of controlling (changing) the surface contact of the liquid electrolyte, which sits atop the separator that allows the electrolyte to flow and make contact with the electrodes producing power.

"The fabrication of the separator has resulted in a significant breakthrough in the design of superhydrophobic nanostructures capable of supporting liquid electrolytes in the presence of solid electrode materials and, at the same time, being able to produce electricity generation by the Smart NanoBattery once activated providing power on command," said Ronald A. Durando, CEO of mPhase Technologies.

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