Samsung Demonstrates World's First Carbon Nanotube Based Active Matrix e-Paper

Unidym, Inc, a majority-owned subsidiary of Arrowhead Research Corporation, announced today that Samsung Electronics is demonstrating the world's first carbon nanotube-based active matrix electrophoretic display (EPD) e-paper in its booth at the Society for Information Display (SID) International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition at the Los Angeles Convention Center from May 18th through May 23rd. The new e-paper device is the result of an ongoing joint development program between Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and Unidym. The e-paper device uses a carbon nanotube transparent electrode developed by Unidym.

“Engineers and scientists at Unidym and Samsung worked closely together over the past year to produce the first active matrix e-paper device incorporating our carbon nanotube transparent electrodes,” said Art Swift, Unidym’s CEO. “This is an excellent application for our technology: our superior durability and lower production cost are clear benefits over the prior ITO based electrodes. Working closely with Samsung, we were able to meet the performance requirements and enable Samsung to bring a demonstrable product to SID within a year from the start of our joint development effort.”

Electrophoretic displays offer inherent advantages over traditional flat panel displays due to their low power consumption and bright light readability, making them well suited for handheld and mobile applications. Since they can be produced on thin, flexible substrates, EPD’s also are ideally suited for use in e-paper applications. Unlike conventional flat panel displays, electrophoretic displays rely on reflected light, and can retain text or images without constant refreshing, thereby dramatically reducing power consumption.

With over 6000 members, SID is the leading international professional society exclusively devoted to the advancement of electronic-display technology, manufacturing, and applications. SID promotes industry and academic technology development, and educates the general public on coming trends in display technology. SID also brings today’s display leaders together — accelerating progress and collaboration.

Posted May 20th,2008

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