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Avanta AC Offers Improved Processing Characteristics in Advanced Ceramic Nanopowder Manufacturing

SACHEM is expanding its Avanta AC(TM) product line by offering a new precipitating agent, Avanta AC(TM) 4210. The new product is featured in a white paper titled, “Novel Oxalate Precursors for Mixed Metal Oxide Synthesis.” The white paper outlines the use of standard precipitating agents in solution-based synthesis methods, as well as processing performance benefits possible with the new Avanta ACTM 4210 Advanced Ceramics Precipitating Agent.

Advanced ceramic nanopowders are critical to a variety of leading edge technology applications, ranging from electronics, superconductors, transparent conductive coatings and inorganic membranes for fuel cells. SACHEM’s Avanta AC™ 4210 Advanced Precipitating Agent has been found to exhibit higher performance and improved processing characteristics.

Mark Stasney, Electronics Market Manager at SACHEM, says “The use of new oxalate raw materials brings significant advantages over ammonium oxalate, whether formed in-situ or added as ammonium oxalate. SACHEM’s Avanta AC™ Advanced Precipitating Agent combines the best attributes of ammonium oxalate with increased solubility of the oxalate solution in water, a wider pH operating range and the potential to reduce emissions."

SACHEM, Inc. delivers highly pure, precise and innovative chemical solutions designed to solve the most demanding and challenging applications. For over 50 years SACHEM has provided chemical solutions and services to customers in key markets including electronics, biotechnology, starch modification, polymers, catalysts, pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals. Based in Austin, Texas, SACHEM's expanding worldwide operations include manufacturing and research facilities in North America, Europe and Asia with a global service network and presence spanning over 30 countries. For more information, please visit

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