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New SPUR+ Prepolymers Open Door to High Performance Alternatives to Mechanical Fasteners

Momentive Performance Materials will introduce two breakthrough prepolymers for industrial adhesives formulations at the Adhesive and Sealants Council's 2008 Fall Convention and Expo in Baltimore, Maryland, October 12th to 14th, 2008. SPUR+ 3100HM prepolymer and SPUR+ 3200HM prepolymer will join Momentive's highly successful SPUR+ family of silylated polyurethane resins. These high modulus prepolymers are excellent candidates to be considered for use as binding agents that can help formulators of structural adhesives achieve high tensile strength, without primers for most substrates, in both one- and two-part adhesive formulations.

"The latest generation of industrial adhesives is replacing or augmenting traditional mechanical fasteners across a number of industries, including transportation and construction," said Bruce Waldman, global marketing manager, SPUR+ Prepolymers, Momentive. "Our two new, one-part high modulus SPUR+ prepolymer additives typically are easy to use, offer outstanding tensile strength, and can provide a number of production advantages, including primerless adhesion to most substrates, outstanding water and chemical resistance and high thermal resistance, to formulators of industrial adhesives."

High-performance, low viscosity SPUR+ 3100HM and SPUR+ 3200HM prepolymers are formulated without plasticizers and contain no free isocyanates. Shelf life of both products is approximately 12 months. Test results showed that SPUR+ 3100HM prepolymer, when cured alone, provided a tensile strength of 450psi and Shore A hardness of 40. SPUR+ 3200HM prepolymer, may be considered for use in the most demanding applications, potentially offering 1,000psi tensile strength – approximately ten times greater than conventional prepolymers, with a Shore A hardness of 60.

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