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GenScript Raises Quality Standard for its Antibody Packages

International contract research organization (CRO) GenScript Corporation has renewed the guarantees for its custom antibody service packages. At present, GenScript guarantees positive Western blot for polyclonal and monoclonal antibody generated from qualified protein antigen and ELISA titer as high as 1:20000 or better for both standard and express polyclonal antibody generated using peptide antigen designed, synthesized and conjugated by GenScript.

GenScript guarantees the qualities of antibody for both of its polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production. "The renewed guarantees represent our technological advancement in antibody production." says Dr. Louis Liu, Director of the Antibody Department from GenScript. "The positive Western blot result is among the highest standard in the field. It makes GenScript stand out from its competitors." Many other biotech company's antibody guarantees does not mention western blot results.

Dr. Liu claims that this is possible because of GenScript's OptimumAntigenTM Design Tool, Nanotechnology for antigen preparation, and T-MaxTM Adjuvant. Specifically, GenScript's OptimumAntigenTM Design Tool takes the peptides' length, antigenicity, stability, cross-reactivity, terminus capping, and interactions with natural biological activities into account during the design process. GenScript antigen mixtures are processed down to nanoparticles to maximize immunization efficiency and boost immune response. In addition, GenScript's T-MaxTM adjuvant is significantly more potent in inducing the immune reaction than the standard Freund's adjuvant, which ensures high specificity and high titer of the produced antibodies.

Based on our historical records, at least 96.4% of the orders for which peptide antigens designed, synthesized and conjugated by GenScript received higher ELISA titer (=1:32,000) than guaranteed. This builds up the confidence for GenScript to raise the bar of ELISA titer to 1:20000.

If the guarantee is unmet, GenScript will reinitiate the polyclonal antibody project free of charge. Meanwhile, GenScript monoclonal antibody production guarantees two positive clones for antibodies generated from both peptide antigen designed by GenScript and high quality protein antigen. In all cases, if GenScript's guarantees are unmet, GenScript will charge only set up fee for monoclonal antibody failures.

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