Spire and Shuttleworth to Complement XsunX TFPV Manufacturing System

XsunX, Inc., a solar technology company, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Spire Corporation and Shuttleworth Inc., who will provide components to complement the company's TFPV manufacturing system.

Spire Corporation will supply solar module laminating, wiring, and test equipment for use in the packaging or "back-end" portions of the Company's 25MW Thin Film Photovoltaic ("TFPV") solar module assembly process. Shuttleworth, Inc., located in Huntington, Indiana will provide the material handling and automation systems necessary to interconnect the various twenty- two processes of the Company's manufacturing system into a continuous TFPV solar module assembly line. When fully operational the a-Si PECVD deposition system is designed to process eighty eight 1.6 m² glass panels simultaneously with eight solar panels moving into the back-end testing and packaging portion of the manufacturing line every twelve minutes. With the aid of the Spire and Shuttleworth systems the solar module final assembly process is designed to complete the assembly of an XsunX ASI-120 solar module every ninety seconds.

While the overall design of the XsunX system is proprietary to XsunX certain of the system providers selected by XsunX also supply components to well know semi-conductor systems manufacturers. "We've endeavored to leverage the previous solar commercialization experience and success of our senior engineering and scientific staff with that of proven vendors for the design of our TFPV manufacturing system," stated Mr. Tom Djokovich, CEO for XsunX. "The outcome we believe is an overall TFPV manufacturing system cost close to one third the costs for delivery of a system from prominent semi-conductor manufacturers. We see this as a significant advantage resulting in lower start up, expansion, and system replication costs," concluded Mr. Djokovich.

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