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PANalytical Launches New Solution for Conducting Nanometer-Scale Materials Characterization

EasySAXS, PANalytical's new SAXS (small angle X-ray scattering) solution enables users with little or no prior knowledge of the technique to conduct nanometer-scale materials characterization. Used in conjunction with the company's X'Pert PRO MPD (multi-purpose X-ray diffractometer), EasySAXS opens up possibilities for the characterization of nanopowders and nano-composite materials. It provides valuable data on average particle and pore size, size distribution and specific surface area of nanoparticles and is ideally suited for applications in the size range from 1 nm up to 100 nm.

As the latest addition to the X'Pert PRO MPD platform, the EasySAXS solution follows PANalytical's proven PreFIX concept. It makes use of standard system hardware; an instrument can be configured for SAXS measurements and then changed to any other configuration in a matter of minutes. An automatic sample changer is available if required. All this makes an X'Pert PRO MPD the ideal system for demanding multi-disciplinary environments where users with diverse samples conduct a wide range of different analyses.

The EasySAXS software incorporates proven algorithms, which PANalytical has integrated into an easy-to-use ‘software shell'. Data analysis and reporting can be fully automated and do not require operator intervention. Results can be exported to standard presentation packages such as Microsoft Excel.

Testing is non-destructive and needs only minimal sample preparation. Industrial applications are wide ranging and include ceramics, paints, nanocomposites, functional coatings, catalysts and cosmetics.

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