Nanotechnology May Help in Development of Alternative Fuel Source

As we are facing the uncertainly in supply of crude oil, as well as affluent prices, other fuel source is a happening and hot topic. An interesting option could be ethanol, now made out of plants like corn and sugar cane. Companies and universities are eagerly working to grow this process of making ethanol from many other kinds of plant substance; that might considerably augment the amount of ethanol accessible as fuel. Nanotechnology might be to assist this important effort.

Presently ethanol that is used in fuel in the United States is made out of corn especially. The starch in the corn kernels is rehabilitated to sugar using enzymes. This starch is further fermented to shape up ethanol. Any how, in order to make a necessary reduction in the United States consummation of crude oil, we require up that production by a long way. The goal prepared recently by the United States government is to make 35 billion gallons of ethanol a year within the next ten years.

Researchers at Michigan State University are trying nanotechnology in a neat trick. They are heritably engineering corn to comprise the required enzyme. The plan is to make the enzyme unmoving until activated by high temperatures. When the cellulous part of the corn, like stalk, is procedures, the high giving out temperatures might set in motion the enzyme and change the cellulous to starch. This would avoid the added cost of creation the enzyme separately.

Researchers at the University of Rochester are as well studying how bacteria select an exacting enzyme, or enzymes, to break at specific kind of plant or other bio mass. They expect to make enzymes, which could change cellulous to ethanol in one step, other than the two steps used by the accessible processes. The advantage of cars that could be filled up with either fuel or ethanol has been verified in Brazil, they use much of its sugar cane crop to make ethanol. Using nanotechnology / genetic engineering to make ethanol from cellulous has the latent to make a serious dent in our use of crude oil. However we do require keeping an eye on some safety issues

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