Company to Enhance Current Nanotechnology Based Li-Ion Battery Electrode Materials Capability

NEI Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of nanomaterials, announced that it has been awarded a prestigious NASAResearch Announcement contract.

In the initial phase of the contract, the company will use its proprietary processes to produce a new generation of Li-ion battery cathode materials. NEI will synthesize electrode materials with high capacity (>200mAh/g) and a large working voltage range (3.0-4.8V) to meet NASA’s ultra high energy density application requirements. The company will develop cathode materials with a unique structure, composition, and ultrafine particle morphology that will increase the overall performance of Li-ion batteries. The focus is on producing materials at the nanoscale which brings many advantages, such as long cycle life and high rate capability. It is expected that the resulting new materials will also have broad ranging commercial applications including consumer electronics, alternative power storage systems, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

“NASAsponsors the highest quality research and development of the newest technologies related to the space and aeronautical sciences, and we are honored to be selected for this important program. Under this contract we will develop new electrode materials and deliver test quantities to NASAover the next six to twelve months.” says Dr. Ganesh Skandan, CEO of NEI Corp. Dr. Skandan added. “In addition to our expertise in nanotechnology-based research and material development, we have a state of the art manufacturing facility that enables us to deliver products in tonnage quantities at competitive prices.” Additional details available at

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