XLR 600iX Delivers Improved On-Wafer Performance to Chipmakers

Cymer, Inc. (Nasdaq:CYMI), the market's leading developer of light sources used to pattern advanced semiconductor chips, announced today that its advanced XLR 600i-originally introduced as a 90 watt (W) light source-is now selectable to also operate at 60W.

This new light source, the XLR 600iX, maintains the power optics technology developed for higher-powered applications, and is easily field-selectable to extend from 60W to 90W. The system also provides industry-leading performance improvements over the XLR 500i, developed for 32 nm double patterning applications that address critical dimension (CD) control and wafer yield. Advancements include a 1.5x improvement in wavelength and bandwidth stability, and a 2x improvement in dose stability. Additionally, chipmakers operating the XLR 600iX at 60W will experience improved power optics lifetimes, resulting in a lower cost of operation compared to the XLR500i.

"The launch of the XLR 600iX reinforces our commitment to support chipmakers with the latest technology and cost-effective solutions," said Ed Brown, president and chief operating officer of Cymer. "As an integral part of chipmakers' day-to-day operations, it is important to develop tools that will meet current and future lithography applications, without requiring additional future investment. Particularly in today's environment, extendible tools such as the XLR 600iX are necessary to minimize costs and maximize capital investment value."

The new XLR 600iX is available immediately, and will come equipped with Cymer's Gas Lifetime eXtension™ (GLX) technology, which reduces light source downtime during gas exchanges by a factor of 20, while improving CD uniformity. The platform will also offer Cymer's OnPulse™ LaserLife Program, guaranteeing year-over-year per pulse cost savings for the life of the light source, and stable, predictable running costs that scale with the level of wafer production.


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