Hysitron's TI Premier Series

The four configurations of Hysitron's TI Premier Series namely: TI Premier, TI Premier Dynamic, TI Premier MultiScale and TI Premier DxSol, bridge the gap between nano-scale and micro-scale mechanical property characterization.

Key Features

The main features of Hysitron's TI Premier Series are:

  • Hysitron’s in situ SPM imaging as standard
  • Increased force sensitivity with a <75 nN noise floor for unmatched precision
  • Fast statistical sampling approach and settle time for high throughput testing
  • New custom-engineered enclosure for better environmental stability
  • Automated software with improved testing routines as well as sensitive user interface
  • Provides nano to micro scale connectivity
  • Superior positioning capability
  • Designed for specific applications


The applications of the TI Premier Series are:

  • Thin films
  • Polymers (TI Premier Dynamic and TI Premier DxSol)
  • Metals
  • Ceramics
  • High temperature alloys (TI Premier DxSol)
  • Ultra-soft materials (TI Premier Dynamic)
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