Depth-Sensing Indenter - The PI 85 SEM PicoIndenter® by Hysitron

Depth-Sensing Indenter - The PI 85 SEM PicoIndenter® by Hysitron

The PI 85 SEM PicoIndenter supplied by Hysitron is a depth-sensing indenter that delivers excellent performance in the electron microscope, with a conductive boron-doped diamond probe and a vacuum-compatible transducer. With the help of this system, researchers can conduct quantitative nanomechanical testing and concurrently image with the scanning electron microscope.

Combination of these two methods enables researchers to position the probe with great precision and to image the deformation process all through the test.

Using the 3-plate capacitive transducer, force is applied electrostatically and displacement is calculated capacitively. The low-current design of the system offers low thermal drift and exceptional sensitivity and stability.

Key Features

The main features of the PI 85 SEM PicoIndenter are:

  • Excellent performance.
  • Low thermal drift.
  • Unparalleled stability and sensitivity.
  • Viscoelastic behavior and other time-sensitive phenomena can be observed in real time.
  • Combination of two high-resolution methods provides exclusive insight into the mechanisms responsible for materials behavior.
  • Suitable for characterizing fracture onset and crack propagation, pile-up, and delamination. 

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