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Texas, 78741
United States
PH: +1 (512) 356-3500
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Company Background

SEMATECH is the world's catalyst for accelerating the commercialization of technology innovations into manufacturing solutions.

By setting global direction, creating opportunities for flexible collaboration, and conducting strategic R&D, SEMATECH delivers significant return on investment to our semiconductor and emerging technology partners.

At SEMATECH, we work with our members and partners to reduce the time from innovation to manufacturing. Our role is to address critical challenges in advanced technology and manufacturing effectiveness, and to find ways to speed development, reduce costs, share risks, and increase productivity.

Semiconductor and emerging technology research is both high cost and high risk. Our membership represents about half of the world's semiconductor production, and in addition we have built a global network of alliances with equipment and material suppliers, universities, research institutes, consortia, start-up companies, and government partners. Because we all face many of the same constraints and long-term concerns, we work together to leverage resources and keep the industry vital and growing ever stronger.