New Organic Materials: Potential for High-Density Non-Volatile Memories - New Technology

Numerous organic and inorganic materials have already been analyzed for non-volatile memory applications. Organic memories offer the potential of simple integration and simple cell concepts with very small cell sizes. In comparison to inorganic materials, the properties of the organic memory layers can be tailored by a selective change of the molecular structure. Furthermore, organic materials are often suitable for vacuum deposition as well as for low-cost spin coating processes.

Infineon researchers described the cell concepts and requirements for non-volatile memories based on novel organic memory materials. Memory cells built with this technology have already shown promising reliability data. For the first time, retention data of more than a year are shown for an organic memory material exhibiting conductance switching. Further investigations show the potential for scaling the material down to feature sizes of less than 20nm. This organic storage material is an attractive candidate for non-volatile memories

Posted 10th December 2003

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