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Graphene Rolling Technologies & the Global Graphene Expo

In this interview, AZoNano spoke with Jeff Draa, the CEO and Co-Founder of Grolltex, about their Graphene rolling technologies and the Global Graphene Expo.

Please tell us a bit about Grolltex and your role.

Grolltex, short for ‘graphene-rolling-technologies’, is the largest capacity commercial CVD facility in North America.  We specialize in single layer graphene and hBN, with a particular expertise in the ‘transfer’ of graphene from the copper growth substrate to target surfaces of interest, in a manufacturable and repeatable way.

My role is CEO and I am also a co-founder.

What Graphene products do you offer?

We currently sell large-area single-layer graphene and hBN in three formats; on copper, on silicon wafers – 4”, 6” and 8” – and on YOUR substrate of interest.

Can you tell us about your ‘Graphene Accelerator’ and how that works?

We are currently characterizing heterostructures of graphene and hBN, meaning we can layer these 2D materials together in any combination. What we’re finding is that graphene layered on top of hBN exhibits a dramatic increase in carrier mobility, meaning the graphene is capable of being much more conductive sitting on top of hBN than it is on something else or by itself. This could be a very big deal to electronic device designers.

What makes your materials unique in the marketplace?

Well, we certainly aren’t the only ones doing CVD graphene, however we think we have two advantages over others. The first is quality, as we have set a new bar for selling CVD graphene. Watching our competitors react to our product offerings, we know we’re doing something right.

Secondly, we seem to be the only ones trying to tackle the ‘transfer’ problem, as we don’t see any other answers out there. We are very focused on the ‘industrialization’ of graphene and all our advancements are related to this.  

How do you think Graphene will develop and improve our technology and day-to-day lives?

I believe that some of the structural graphene offerings will impact us first, providing stronger products that last longer.

What can we expect from your presentation at the Global Graphene Expo this year?

We will be underlining the theme that CVD graphene is ready for prime time, talking about our commercialization efforts as well as some new customer activities that are helping us go industrial.

Why do you think that conferences like the Global Graphene Expo are important?

Conferences like this, especially events that focus on industrialization such as this one, are really helping to take the perception of graphene out of the lab and onto the factory floor. When we can talk in tangible terms with attendees about how we can improve the performance of their existing devices, while quoting prices and throughputs that are truly usable for large manufacturers, then we can really make a difference.

About Jeffrey Draa

Jeff Draa (‘Dray’) is CEO and Co-Founder of Grolltex, Inc., an advanced, single layer graphene materials and equipment company that leverages research out of The University of California, San Diego. Using 25 years of executive experience in the semiconductor equipment and materials space, along with a foundation of academic achievements from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Thunderbird International School of Management and San Jose State University, Jeff is carving out a foundation of success in the exciting new world of 2D materials, helping device designers with the tools they need for futuristic applications.

Jeff is also Chairman Emeritus, Board of Governors of The Tech Coast Angels, a Southern California based venture funding group that is the largest of its kind in the nation.  Jeff is a member of several corporate and non-profit boards, including Peachjar, an early stage e-commerce company that helps schools go paperless.  Jeff lives with his family in San Diego, California.

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