Carbon Nanotechnologies and 3P to Develop Advanced Polymer Products - News Item

Carbon Nanotechnologies, Incorporated (CNI) and Performance Plastics Products, Inc. (3P) today announced a joint development agreement to develop and commercialize new and improved polymer products. CNI’s breakthrough single-wall carbon nanotubes will be incorporated into 3P’s custom manufactured components for use in industries which have special needs in dealing with elevated temperatures, chemical and corrosion resistance, extreme pressure, wear, or lubricity.

Single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs), also known as Buckytubes, are the ultimate engineering polymer, 100 times the strength of steel at less than one sixth the weight. This cylindrical polymer of pure carbon, said to be the strongest, toughest, stiffest material known, conducts electricity like metals and conducts heat better than diamond.

Bob Gower, CEO of CNI says, “We are pleased to be working with 3P, a recognized leader in manufacturing products in PTFE, PFA, PEEK, PPS, PVDF, and other engineered, high performance plastics. We strongly believe that single-wall carbon nanotubes will lead to a new generation of 3P products with even better performance under extreme conditions.  This relationship represents another important step in SWNT commercialization.”

Bob Richter, 3P’s Director– Innovation and Development, US adds, “Our fully integrated engineering, custom material compounding and manufacturing capabilities, and commitment to quality, combined with CNI’s expertise in single-wall carbon nanotubes, will improve our current products and help create completely new products for existing and emerging markets.”

Posted 28th May 2003

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