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On behalf of Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell, Community and Economic Development Secretary Dennis Yablonsky today announced that "The Business of Nano" conference will be held May 25-26 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia to showcase innovative products, resources and programs that are accelerating the adoption and application of nanotechnology throughout the state.

More than 250 key corporate and academic nanotech associates representing funding, research, development, manufacturing and investment communities will be assembled at the state's second major nano gathering sponsored by the Commonwealth. More than 25 companies are slated to present their nanotech products and research.

University and industry overviews, nanotechnology and life sciences (medical and pharmaceutical applications), nanomanufacturing and processing (chemicals and materials), capitalization for nano companies, ethics for nanotechnology; regional infrastructure for nanotechnology, and legal issues for nanotechnology are among the conference session topics.

Secretary Yablonsky will open up the two-day conference with an overview of the Commonwealth's nanotechnology activities.

"Nanotechnology is an engine that will drive industrial change in the coming years," Yablonsky said. "The conference is just one example of how the Commonwealth is positioning itself to ensure it is a key player in this building wave of development that promises to create a new generation of jobs for Pennsylvanians."

In the coming years, nanotechnology, which creates technology atom by atom, will transform virtually every industrial sector. While spending on the technology in the U.S. has reached $3 billion a year, nano products are expected to account for $1 trillion in sales in the U.S. by 2015.

Pennsylvania's nanotechnology activities have attracted international attention for the second consecutive year through "Small Times" magazine's annual "Top 10 Small Tech Hot Spots" rankings. This year, the Commonwealth ranked seventh best in the nation for nanotechnology - up from its 2003 ranking as number 10.

Josh Wolfe, a renowned authority on nanotechnology, will be the opening plenary speaker.  Commenting on Pennsylvania's nanotechnology standing, Wolfe said, "In all my travels, one thing's certain about nanotech: it's not a Silicon Valley phenomenon.  Leadership is up for grabs, and so are the scientific breakthroughs, the jobs and investment profits.  Pennsylvania's got the scientific star power, plus the political, industrial and financial support to own this space." Wolfe is a managing partner of Lux Capital, editor of Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report, and a senior associate of the Foresight Institute for Nanotechnology.

Posted 5th May 2004

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