University of Notre Dame Selects Vistec's EBPG5200 for Cutting-Edge Nanotechnology Research

Vistec Lithography, Inc. is pleased to announce that the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana, has selected Vistec's EBPG5200 system for its cutting-edge nanotechnology research. The new electron beam lithography system will be used for research on new electronic, optoelectronic and magnetic device concepts and associated architectures at Notre Dame's Center for Nano Science and Technology and the Notre Dame Nanofabrication Facility (NDNF).

The Vistec EBPG5200 represents the next development stage of the successful EBPG product series. The system is equipped with a modified platform that supports full exposure of substrates to a maximum size of 200mm. Like the previous EBPG tools, it can be used to expose fragments and special substrates, in addition to standard substrate types and sizes. Essential design principles of the previous EBPG systems have been incorporated into this new 200mm platform.

With further enhancements in resolution, noise reduction and beam stability, the Vistec EBPG5200 is set to generate structures to less than 8nm on substrates of any size and type. Its electron-optical column (TFE source) is rated for acceleration voltages of 20, 50 and 100kV. With the EBPG5200, Vistec offers true 100kV / 1mm performance under regular electron-optical conditions. The maximum deflection rate accounts for 50MHz. The system incorporates an interactive graphical user interface (GUI) that provides ease of use for diverse "multi user environments".

"We are continuing to push the performance limits of transistors and other devices, and we are exploring new physical mechanisms for computation to overcome the limits of scaling of conventional transistors," said Patrick Fay, NDNF director. "To address the needs of our research goals, we were looking for a high-performance nanolithography system. The Vistec system addresses a number of new application areas and provides high-quality lithography performance, flexibility and ease of operation. It matched up best with our research needs."

"The co-operation with leading-edge research institutes such as the University of Notre Dame is very important for Vistec. Based on our long-standing business in that market, we take advantage of our customer base to continuously enhance our products. Our goal is to adapt them to better serve the diverse and ever-increasing nanotechnology requirements in research and development", noted Rainer Schmid, General Manager Vistec Lithography, Inc. "We are very pleased to count University of Notre Dame among our customers."

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