Nanotechnology Provides a Key to Energy Saving While Offering Invisible Protection for Colored Roofs

Industrial Nanotech, Inc. (Pink Sheets: INTK), a global nanoscience solutions and research leader and member of the U.S. Greenbuilding Council and the American Solar Energy Society, announced today that the Company has launched the first of three patented nanotechnology-based roof coatings for the commercial, industrial and residential roofing markets. Nansulate® Crystal is a clear protective roof coating for sloped roofs which provides thermal insulation, as well as resistance to UV and mold and mildew, while protecting and preserving the beauty of the roof. The coating is used on clay or concrete tile, slate or wood shingle roofs, and asphalt shingle roofs to provide energy savings through reduction of heat transfer through the roof. Details on the product can be found at

“Traditional energy efficient roof coatings, an important part of the world’s efforts to reduce energy consumption and decrease global warming, are white and work by reflecting away the sun’s heat,” states Francesca Crolley, VP of Business Development for Industrial Nanotech, Inc. “While we agree with the assessment of Steven Chu, the US Secretary of Energy and a Nobel prize-winning scientist who recently stated that the simple act of painting roofs white could have a dramatic impact on the amount of energy used to keep buildings comfortable and directly reduce global warming, we also understand that, realistically, people and companies who have spent the extra money for the aesthetic benefits of beautiful clay, slate or concrete tile roofs or decorative asphalt or wood shingle roofs are not going to paint them white. This market accounts for a very substantial amount of the total roof surface area, both in the US and worldwide.”

Ms. Crolley continues, “Our new Nansulate Crystal, a product based on our award winning and patented energy saving technology proven effective in both residential and industrial applications worldwide, is clear and can be easily applied over colored tile, barrel tile, clay tile, slate, and shingle roofs without changing the appearance, allowing the beauty of the roof to remain intact, while reducing energy costs for heating and cooling by reducing heat transfer into the house in summer and reducing heat loss from the house in winter. The additional benefit is it also reduces the growth of mold, mildew and algae on roofs, therefore keeping them cleaner and looking new for many years.”

Industrial Nanotech, Inc. anticipates working closely with roofing contractors, painting contractors, roof material distributors, and roofing material manufacturers to make this product easily accessible to consumers. The Company is currently in negotiations with multinational roof tile manufacturers to apply the product in the factory and to supply it to consumers for existing roofs through their established retail and wholesale networks.

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