U.S. Customer Qualifies Strasbaugh's New nVision II CMP Endpoint Detection System

Strasbaugh (OTC Bulletin Board: STRB) announced today that a U.S. customer has qualified Strasbaugh's new nVision II CMP endpoint detection system for production and has placed a purchase order for the product. nVision II will be used to upgrade their IPEC CMP systems.

"We are pleased the first installation of our new nVision II endpoint upgrade for IPEC CMP systems has been accepted," said Michael Starman, Endpoint Product Manager, Strasbaugh. "nVision II should significantly improve the process performance and control of the IPEC equipment. It should also enable the customer to reduce set-up time, optimize consumables usage, and realize better wafer-to-wafer consistency," added Starman.

nVision II monitors optical, motor current, and/or pad temperature signals to determine a precise endpoint for CMP applications in the Semiconductor, Data Storage, and MEMS manufacturing markets.

Strasbaugh has 60 years of leadership in design and manufacturing of advanced surfacing technology for the global semiconductor, silicon, data storage, MEMS, LED, telecommunications and optics industries. Through close alliances with premier manufacturers in these markets, Strasbaugh has developed pioneering technology that has become the standard in polishing and grinding today. With high-quality grinding tools, state-of-the-art prime wafer polishing and chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) systems, as well as leading edge process technology, Strasbaugh has enabled its customers to realize their performance targets and has built a reputation as a world class manufacturer of innovative, reliable, high-yield surfacing solutions.

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