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Cabot Announces Acquisition of Oxonica Materials

Cabot Corporation (NYSE: CBT) today announced the acquisition of Oxonica Materials Inc. (OMI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Oxonica plc. The purchase will complement Cabot's existing Security Business and expands Cabot's portfolio of security technologies.

OMI is a leading developer of Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) materials and detection methods. These SERS materials provide a unique signal that can be detected using specialized readers and therefore provide highly counterfeit-resistant security solutions for a broad range of applications including brand security, fuel markers, tax stamps and identification.    

Cabot Corporation's Security Business is a leading supplier of covert taggants for many high security applications.  Covert taggants are unique, hard-to-replicate particles added to inks, paper, films and other materials that can only be detected with a specialized reader. Beyond barcodes and optical authentication systems, covert taggants are used to add additional security features to applications from passports to packaging.

"We are pleased to have completed the acquisition of Oxonica Materials," said Fred von Gottberg, Vice President and General Manager of Cabot's New Business Segment. "The purchase is a testament to our continued commitment to invest in new technologies and innovation.  This acquisition will enable us to leverage the technical portfolios and commercial positions of both organizations to create a stronger security materials business within Cabot."

Dr. Michael Natan, CEO of Oxonica Materials Inc., who will join Cabot Corporation with the acquisition, said, "Joining Cabot will further accelerate the commercialization of SERS taggant technology.  I am excited to merge Cabot's technical and business leadership with OMI's technology, and together create a stronger Security Business."


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