CVD to Supply Nano Products for Solar and Semiconductor Markets

CVD Equipment Corporation (Nasdaq: CVV) announced today that our CVD/First Nano Division has received orders during the month of September, 2010, for approximately $2.5 million from a number of institutions, including the University of Illinois and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, for products sold under the First Nano EasyTube™, EasyGas™ and EasyExhaust™ brand.

CVD continues to benefit from the increased acceptance of our First Nano products throughout the world.

Our First Nano product line addresses the need for technologically advanced tools to perform Research and Development in the production of thin film coatings and/or nano size materials requiring precise process parameter control. The applications for our research line products include Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, Nanowires, Semiconductor layers, and other processes used in the Nanotechnology, Solar, Energy and Semiconductor markets.

Using our Application Laboratory, we continue to perfect and expand the multiple areas where our research and production equipment solutions can be applied to the next generation of advanced materials. The Nanotechnology, Solar, Energy and Semiconductor markets offer our products significant growth opportunities because they deliver advanced performance at an affordable price.

It is gratifying to see that our product strategy of offering a family of technologically advanced research equipment is being recognized by technology innovators throughout the world and being used to accelerate the commercialization needs of tomorrow’s technologies. When we collaborate with these technology innovators, our equipment design and manufacturing skills, along with our understanding of complex system integration and hardware/process interactions, enable a lower risk, higher value process solution, a winning situation for all parties.


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