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e-Handbook on Nanotechnology Measurement Equipment and Platforms

Keithley Instruments has recently brought out an e-handbook titled, ‘Ensuring the Accuracy of Nanoscale Electrical Measurements’, free copy, of which can be downloaded on request from the company at

The handbook has been categorized into different sections, including Nanotech Testing Challenges, Electrical Measurement Considerations, Electrical Noise, Source-Measure Instruments, Pulsing Technologies, and Avoiding Self-Heating Problems.

Also included are descriptions on graphene, a single-atom-thick crystal of carbon, which is used in semiconductor manufacture instead of silicon. A chapter on low-level measurement terminology has been included, besides a guide to choosing instruments that are ideal for nanotechnology applications. Links to webinars, white papers, and notes application related to each area have also been inserted.

Keithley instrumentation is developing superior nanotechnology applications. Ample experience in designing highly-responsive measurement tools allow Keithley to offer university, corporate, and government labs across the globe with solutions for exploring new materials and systems. It collaborates with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Nanotechnology Centers of Excellence, customers, and nanotechnology measurement equipment providers and distributors in an endeavor to develop comprehensive nano-test platforms. The handbook also includes inputs from these partners.


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