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Nanotechnology Fund to Help Nanostart Debut in Russia

Nanostart is collaborating with the Russian-based, Rusnano and the administration of Perm to unveil a nanotechnology fund in Russia. The collaboration will help Nanostart to debut in the Russian market. The joint venture Kama Fund First has an initial investment of over 2.0 billion rubles or 50 million euros.

The fund will offer emerging companies in nanotechnology to establish a foothold in Perm. Nanostart will invest 12.5 million euros, and control the fund.

Governor Oleg Chirkunov is converting Perm into a technology hub and will focus on development, marketing, and use of nanotechnology-based solutions. A report in the RBC Daily says that Perm is in the Top 10 of the most innovative Russian regions. The fund forms part of a Russian government endeavor to turn into a high-tech country, and be a world-renowned producer of nanotechnology-based products by 2015. The $10 billion company that was earlier government owned is now a publicly owned one and markets nanotechnologies and develops project infrastructure.

The fund, to last a period of 10 years, will allow Nanostart to exploit the growth of nanotechnology in Russia, and specifically in Perm. The fund was unveiled recently to the global media by Anatoly Chubais, Oleg Chirkunov, and Marco Beckmann in Moscow.


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