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NaturalNano Receives Key Patent for Use of Halloysite Nanotubes as Reinforcing Component

NaturalNano, a materials science company, has reported the issuance of a key patent by the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

The patent covers the utilization of NaturalNano’s proprietary Halloysite nanotubes as essential reinforcing component to improve the performance properties of polymeric composite materials such as nano-particle fillers.

Halloysite nanotubes are ultra-small hollow tubes composed of elements such as silicon, aluminum, oxygen and hydrogen. These nanomaterials can obtain a broad range of physical, chemical and electrical properties when coated with substances such as metallic materials. NaturalNano is devising separation and processing techniques for these nanotubes to make them suitable for a variety of commercial applications, including additives in electronic components, plastics and polymers, home and personal care products, and cosmetics.

NaturalNano's Chief Executive Officer, James Wemett stated that the issuance of this key US patent corroborates the company’s commitment to extend and safeguard the commercial applications of its Halloysite nanotube additives. In this new patent, the US Patent & Trademark Office acknowledged the utilization of Halloysite nanotube additives as a critical component to improve mechanical properties of materials used in electrical shielding and to increase the performance of eluting agents. The company continuously expands its portfolio and reinforces its dominance in the commercial applications for Halloysite materials, which are offered under either non-exclusive or exclusive licenses.

NaturalNano focuses on the development and commercialization of advanced nanocomposites. The company concentrates on additive processes and technologies, which include its proprietary Pleximer that upgrades industrial composites, polymers and plastics. The company licenses and/or holds 20 patents and applications associated with Halloysite materials, along with the proprietary know-how for its separation and extraction techniques, derivatives and compositions.


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