Itochu Plastics to Distribute SouthWest NanoTechnologies’ Carbon Nanotube Products in Asia

A subsidiary of the Itochu Group, Itochu Plastics has inked a distribution deal with SouthWest NanoTechnologies to supply its commercially-produced specialty single-wall and multi-wall carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotube dispersions, pastes and inks across Asia.

According to Dave Arthur, Chief Executive Officer at SouthWest NanoTechnologies, Asia has a huge market potential and Itochu Plastics is the suitable partner to assist the company in increasing its reach in the advanced composites, energy storage, semiconductor, and display markets. It is a significant progress to the company that enables it to provide better service to its commercial customers and help in the development of products and applications for its novel carbon nanotube-based products.

Itochu Plastics’ President, Ryuichi Komatsuzaki stated that the company is happy to become a distribution partner for SouthWest NanoTechnologies. The company expects huge potential for SouthWest NanoTechnologies’ technology and products in Asian markets and it can play a role in strengthening SouthWest NanoTechnologies’ dominance in carbon nanotube products.

SouthWest NanoTechnologies recently unveiled a new single-wall carbon nanotube product called SG65i that is rich in semiconducting single-wall carbon nanotube species as synthesized and is designed for printed semiconductor devices. The company also recently rolled out two new grades under its SMW series of specialty multi-wall carbon nanotubes namely, SMW200 and SMW210. These two new grades can be utilized as additives in polymer compounds to improve electrical conductivity and in lithium ion batteries to enhance cathode performance.

SouthWest NanoTechnologies will launch a new single-wall carbon nanotube product for use in transparent conductive coatings. The product, offered as powder, dispersions and printable ink, will extend the suite of applications in sensors, lighting devices, solar and display electrodes, and touch screens. The company provides conductive and semi-conductive carbon nanotube inks for use in displays and printed electronics, including aqueous inks for screen, rod or spray coating, and slot-die, and gravure inks developed upon V2V Ink technology devised by alliance partner, Chasm Technologies.


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