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ASPEX Launches EXpressX Bench-Top SEM

ASPEX, a provider of integrated microanalysis solutions, has introduced a new automated bench-top scanning electron microscope (SEM) labeled EXpressX. It is deemed to be the fastest amongst available SEM.

EXpressX is an integrated microscopy platform that combines ASPEX’s OmegaMax EDX technology and their operating software called Perception 2 with a reliable scanning electron microscope.

Gregory Ott, Vice President and General Manager at ASPEX, stated that EXpressX offers a single-stop solution for detection, identification and classification of defects and contaminants affecting quality in industrial processes and in research studies. He also said that ASPEX has been an integral part of the rapid shift of industries such as mining, aerospace, pharmaceuticals and automotive engineering to SEM-EDX techniques for particle analysis in order to improve quality and subsequently profitability by addressing the vital issues of wear debris and contamination.

OmegaMax technology incorporates both scanning electron microscope and energy dispersive x-ray (EDX) detectors. Drastic improvement in productivity and sensitivity at economical costs are brought about by employing OmegaMax technology to optimize the effectiveness of EDX sensors. The Perception 2 software is equipped with a single monitor graphical user interface. The software can be customized to deliver reports pertaining to customer specific applications. Perception 2 can also be easily interfaced with other commercially available software packages facilitating data export.


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