Ultratech Unveils Superfast 3G In-Line Wafer Inspection System

Ultratech, a leading supplier of lithography and laser-processing systems used to manufacture semiconductor devices and high-brightness LEDs (HB-LEDs), today introduced its new in-line wafer inspection system, the Superfast 3G, which provides the flexibility to address a wide range of applications including improved overlay control and enhanced yield.

The system has the flexibility to be implemented anywhere in the production line¯front-, middle- and back-end-of-line¯to address issues confronting leading-edge device manufacturers.

At advanced technology nodes, variations in stress and distortion on a wafer can have a significant impact on device performance and yield. Traditional inspection tools put many different sensors and types of technologies into one tool to access different applications. Based on patented coherent gradient sensing technology (CGS), Ultratech's Superfast 3G utilizes a unique approach. The Superfast 3G provides the industry's highest wafer resolution and measures over 800,000 points of data per wafer compared to competing systems that measure less than 200 points per wafer. The system's high data density is what enables a wide range of applications from one measurement, as within-die, die-to-die and wafer-to-wafer process variations can be characterized quickly and comprehensively. In addition, the Superfast 3G has an edge-exclusion capability of less than 2mm, which is aligned with the industry requirements. The Superfast 3G is an example of Ultratech's commitment to provide leading technology that addresses the critical needs of its global customers in a cost-effective solution.

Ultratech Vice President of Technology and Chief Technologist for Surface Inspection Dave Owen explained, "Ultratech has had this technology for a while and has worked with customers to improve its capabilities. These customers concluded that this inspection capability was critical to improving overlay control, device performance and yield. The Superfast 3G takes an enormous amount of data in a short span of time and creates detailed wafer maps. Without the need for a dedicated target, this production system can measure both patterned and blanket wafers at any stage in the process flow. The CGS technology provides a high degree of flexibility that enables our customers to use a single type of wafer inspection tool across the entire fab line. Also, the Superfast 3G is a low cost-of-ownership and cost-per-point solution compared to competing systems. We are excited to introduce our flexible Superfast 3G in-line, wafer inspection solution to the industry."

Source: http://www.ultratech.com

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