Thomas Swan Comissions New Carbon Nanotube Purification Plant, Strengthens Position as Leading SWCNT Supplier

Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. continues to build on its position as a world leading supplier of high quality Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes with the installation and commissioning of a new carbon nanotube purification plant.

New 500 kg/yr Elicarb® SW Low Residue wash plant at Thomas Swan's Consett site.

The new plant has a capacity of 500 kg/yr and will be used for the manufacture of Elicarb® SW Low Residue carbon nanotubes. The plant is located at the Thomas Swan, Consett, UK manufacturing site and incorporates leading edge washing and filtration technology to deliver a consistent, high quality product to global customers. The plant was commissioned in September 2013 and is now manufacturing Elicarb® carbon nanotube products.

“This additional capacity has been driven by the demand for our high value products by customers within the electronics industry” said Andy Goodwin – Commercial Director, Advanced Materials Division “and the investment reinforces our vision of being the number one supplier of single wall carbon nanotubes at an industrially relevant scale. We remain excited by the possibilities for speciality carbon nanotubes and will continue to build the capacity to support our customers current needs and future plans.”

About Elicarb® SW Low Residue

Elicarb® SW Low Residue was launched in 2013 to meet the demands of customers who require single wall carbon nanotubes with low catalyst residues. The product is available in kg quantities and represents a step forward in Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) grown nanotube products.

About Thomas Swan Advanced Materials

Thomas Swan Advanced Materials Division is dedicated to the supply of high performance materials into new and emerging markets. Our leading Elicarb® carbon nanotube products are high purity materials available at a scale to meet the needs of your business. We continue to invest in expanding our Elicarb® carbon nanomaterial products and in 2014 we will launch new product lines including pristine, high conductivity graphene and functionalised, dispersible SWNTs.

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