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SID Display Week 2014: Cima NanoTech to Showcase Silver Nanoparticle Film-Based Touch Screens and Displays

Cima NanoTech, a smart nanomaterials company specializing in high performance transparent conductive films, announced details of two unique touch demos which will be showcased at their booth at SID Display Week 2014 – a 26-inch curved, projected capacitive, multi-touchscreen, and 15-inch touch display with 8mm thick cover glass.

These demo units were built by Higgstec, Inc., a leading Taiwanese touch solutions provider and manufacturer, with Cima NanoTech’s high performance silver nanoparticle-based SANTE® FS200 touch films.

“Mainstream touch technologies such as optical imaging and infrared limit touch capabilities to flat screens only,” said Jon Brodd, CEO, Cima NanoTech. “In a marketplace that is becoming increasingly demanding, product differentiation and innovation is crucial for companies to stay ahead; touch panel manufacturers are seeking new materials with high conductivity and mechanical flexibility to achieve touchscreens with new form factors.”

On show for the first time in Cima NanoTech’s booth is a concept demo combining a 26-inch convex curved, projected capacitive, multi-touchscreen with fast response times. The objective of the curved touchscreen unit is to provide proof of concept to product designers and panel manufacturers of the versatility and robustness of Cima NanoTech’s SANTE® FS200 touch films. The exceptional combination of high conductivity and mechanical flexibility makes SANTE technology an ideal material for curved touch screen applications.

Among the other demo units that are being showcased by Cima NanoTech is a 15” touchscreen which offers quick response times through a 8mm thick layer of cover glass. The excellent conductivity of SANTE technology is key to enabling this performance, and one of the target markets is ATM machines, as well as other applications that require thick cover glass.

To arrange a meeting and see a demo of the devices at SID Display Week 2014 (Exhibit Hall B, Booth 412), please contact [email protected].


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