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QImaging Announces the Release of EXi Blue Fluorescence Microscopy Camera

QImaging, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance, easy-to-use digital cameras for life science applications, has announced the release of the EXi Blue Fluorescence Microscopy Camera. This addition to the company’s popular line of versatile scientific cameras is optimized for a broad range of applications, including live-cell fluorescence imaging and high-speed kinetic studies.

The EXi Blue camera is the newest of the EXi series, weighing in at less than two pounds. It requires no bulky external controller, minimizing bench clutter. The new camera is cooled to 0 degrees C, and boasts enhanced sensitivity, a broad spectral response, and reduced read noise. Its advanced electronics and firmware produce extremely low dark current, resulting in excellent images during long exposure times. The EXi Blue camera is backed by superior QImaging application and product support and a two-year limited warranty – the industry’s best.

Fluorescence imaging of live cell samples requires short exposure times, gentle illumination of fragile cell specimens, and fast frame rates to capture image data with a high degree of precision and confidence. The new EXi Blue camera was specifically designed to address the needs of life science professionals studying processes within live cells—delivering speed, sensitivity and simplicity of use. And while ideal for fluorescence imaging, the camera is also a multi-talented, cost-effective, and user-friendly laboratory workhorse suited to a variety of bio-imaging applications.

“The EXi Blue camera is a versatile tool for the busy lab, really three cameras-in-one small, lightweight package,” says Matt Kesler, QImaging Product Manager. “It’s a fast, monochrome camera perfect for studying fluorescent proteins, a high-speed infrared camera for applications such as IR-DIC, and when utilized with the optional RGB filter, it’s a fast, high resolution color camera.”

The 30 MHz, 14-bit EXi Blue camera combines the remarkable speed of an IEEE 1394b Firewire interface with the megapixel resolution and excellent sensitivity of a Sony ICX285 interline sensor. Optimized implementation of the IEEE 1394b protocol delivers 800 Mb/s bandwidth capacity, allowing the EXi Blue camera to read out up to 15 full-resolution frames per second. Flexible binning enhances the camera’s sensitivity and speed. Variable exposure times range from 10 microseconds to 17.9 minutes.

The EXi Blue Fluorescence Microscopy Camera comes with a simple software package that works with most applications, and can be installed and operational minutes out of the box.

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