Applied DNA Sciences Completes Pilot Study for IIMAK

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (OTCBB: APDN), a provider of DNA-based security solutions, announced today that it has successfully completed its pilot study of SigNature® DNA in IIMAK thermal transfer ink and ribbons. APDN and IIMAK will officially launch this at IMI's 20th Annual Thermal Printing Conference in Orlando, Florida on May 11, 2009.

"By utilizing existing TTR printers, SigNature DNA in Thermal Transfer is an extremely attractive choice for thwarting counterfeiting and product diversion, with minimal investment by the end user," commented Daniel J. Harrison, IIMAK Senior Vice President of Research and Development. "It elevates the security of any TTR to a forensic level that can be authenticated at any point along the supply chain."

APDN was able to successfully detect, extract and analyze SigNature DNA markers embedded in thermal transfer fluid inks and ribbons, demonstrating:

  • Stability -- survives physicochemical extremes and will not alter the quality of thermal transfer ink or printing;
  • Persistence -- DNA can be authenticated in the ink, ribbon and printed material;
  • Consistency -- DNA is detectable homogeneously throughout each batch of ink and in all printed samples;
  • High resolution -- only miniscule levels of DNA are required for authentication.

SigNature DNA in Thermal Transfer offers the benefit of:

  • Truly invisible image that cannot be copied;
  • Quality printing with no retooling or change in process;
  • Quick detection combined with forensic authentication;
  • Accessible and Affordable.

Thermal transfer printing is a universally accepted and cost effective method of printing variable data such as event tickets, kosher and halal food labels, shipping and inventory labels, baggage claim tags and a host of consumer products. In addition, APDN has marked a diverse range of security inks, including intaglio, laser and inkjet, as well as label adhesives and clear varnishes with SigNature DNA as part of a complete layered brand protection strategy.

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