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Automatic Supply of Water Immersion During Experiments

Live cell research and screening applications are mainly based on samples in an aqueous solution, so the use of water objectives is becoming more and more important. Water objectives allow aberration-free focusing into such samples. Unfortunately, water evaporates at room temperature, even more so at 37°C and therefore cannot be used for long-term experiments.

Automatic supply of water immersion during experi-ments. Small and compact design allows utilization of all nosepiece positions.

Leica Microsystems has now launched a Water Immersion Micro Dispenser that is easy to retrofit and can be used with water immersion objectives even for long term experiments of living organisms and screening experiments in live cell research. From a small water reservoir magnetically attached to the center of the objective nosepiece, water is automatically pumped into a water cap mounted on the objective. The compact design allows the utilization of all nosepiece positions. The correction ring stays accessible and the full free working distance of the water objective is maintained. Due to the special design of the water cap, the water droplet remains in place, even for screening or mark and find experiments that involve a great deal of stage movement.

As the dispenser plus water reservoir is fully integrated in the microscope and climate chamber, the water is already at the right temperature and does not have to be heated. A protective collar around the objective that can absorb the entire contents of the water reservoir prevents any water getting into the microscope.

The Water Immersion Micro Dispenser is designed for the Leica DMI6000 B inverted microscope, which is a component of confocal as well as high-end widefield systems. Leica Microsystems’ continuing innovation in microscopy brings the benefits of high-resolution water immersion objectives to live cell applications at 37°C, long term and screening experiments.

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