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Purest Colloids Introduces their Newest Product

New Jersey based, Purest Colloids, Inc., manufacturers of the world famous MesoSilver ®, introduces their newest product, MesoSilica®. MesoSilica is colloidal silica, 600 ppm (parts per million) with an average particle size of 6 nm (nanometers). Silica is an essential element in the body, especially in the bones as well as the connective tissue of the heart and blood vessels. Silica is necessary for healthy skin, cartilage, and tendons as well.

MesoSilica is the latest addition to Purests' extensive line of colloidal products, which include MesoSilver ®, which is Purest Colloid's proprietary brand of colloidal silver. MesoGold®, MesoPlatinum®, MesoPalladium™, MesoCopper ®, MesoZinc ™and MesoIridium ™ with more coming online in the near future.

Purest Colloids has also added supplement sales to their website including probiotics, enzyme, fiber, multivitamin, vitamin D, children's multivitamins, organic hemp and rice protein powder, and a natural cholesterol lowering formula.

Purest Colloids, Inc. has also released a new product brochure which adds the new product MesoSilica, and the new various supplements aforementioned, as well as added coverage of existing products such as MesoIridium and Hot Tub Silver™. MesoIridium is true colloidal Iridium, at 10 ppm and an average particle size of 20nm. Iridium is a platinum group metal. Purest has produced this product due to consistent requests coming from various spiritual adepts who have reported experiencing enhanced states of consciousness and awareness while using Iridium. Hot Tub Silver will reduce the need for spa chemicals such as bromine which often irritates the skin and can harm the hot tubs motor and or heating unit as well. This product has a very high concentration - 200 ppm of colloidal silver, not for human consumption. It is an effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent which controls the growth of microbes and algae in the hot tub and promotes soft and healthy feeling skin.

Purest Colloids also produces MesoPalladium ™. The concentration of this product is 10 ppm and the average particle size is 10 nm. Palladium is a Platinum group metal as well.

Purests' main product is MesoSilver. MesoSilver is true colloidal silver that is unique in the sense that it has the highest particle surface ever measured for a true colloidal silver product. Effectiveness is determined by particle surface area which means the products with the highest particle surface area have the highest effectiveness rate. Therefore, experts believe that MesoSilver clearly has the highest level of effectiveness available of any colloidal silver product that has ever been produced.

The mission at is to produce the finest colloidal products available anywhere in the world, therefore providing the highest level of effectiveness to their expanding customer base. Purest Colloids offers superior metal colloid products for use as dietary supplements. To maintain a robust immune system for optimum health, Mesocolloids contain minerals in trace amounts that our bodies can use to achieve that desired result. Their products are at the forefront of quality and effectiveness the world over because they maximize the Particle Surface Area of the nanometer-sized particles. For quality and safety purposes, all Mesocolloids are manufactured in an FDA Registered Facility.

"At Purest we are very proud to have developed a proven track record for manufacturing and distributing one-of-a-kind, world-class colloidal products for a decade now. Our experts are at the forefront of this industry and as a team we are working diligently to spread the word about the benefits associated with products like MesoSilver ® (colloidal silver), MesoGold ® (colloidal gold), MesoPlatinum ®(colloidal platinum) and others. Our MesoSilver has the highest particle surface area (which determines effectiveness) of any colloidal silver product ever tested." said Frank Key, President of Purest Colloids.

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