Nangate Showcases Nangate MegaLibrary at Conference

Nangate, the leading provider of tools and IP for design-specific digital cell library development, will at DAC be showcasing its newest product, Nangate MegaLibrary™.

At DAC, Nangate introduces the Nangate MegaLibrary™ with the primary focus of improving digital designs for higher performance, lower power and smaller area. A Nangate MegaLibrary™ is a very large digital cell library containing typically more than 10,000 cells. The library is very rich in terms of Boolean functions, cell topologies and drive strengths.

“Nangate has developed a unique optimization technology that enables concurrent optimization of design and cell library – basically a full custom optimization technology in a cell based flow. While the usage of on-the-fly cell generation will produce the best results, these abilities are typically only available to the large fabless semiconductor companies and IDMs with in-house expertise in cell library development. By introducing the Nangate MegaLibrary™, Nangate brings the benefits to fabless semiconductor companies without the need for in-house library flows,” states Ole Christian Andersen, Nangate’s CEO and founder. “The new nano-scale process technologies require much richer cell libraries to overcome challenges with parasitics, leakage and manufacturability. This has been a trend for some time now with cell libraries growing beyond 1,000 cells. In essence, the Nangate MegaLibrary™ is the next generation digital cell libraries targeting nano-scale technologies.”

Most logic and physical synthesis platforms are challenged by such large libraries; however Nangate has constructed its offering to fit its Design Optimizer™ technology, which directs industry leading logic synthesis and physical design platforms to take full advantage of the very fine grained cell mix offered by the Nangate MegaLibrary™.

At the show, Nangate will have several tokens of appreciation: We will be drawing a winner every day for an iPod Shuffle. We will also be giving away pens and clocks, and USB Flash sticks loaded with a free Liberty Viewer for viewing liberty files in a browsable organized manner. All you need to do is schedule a demo and after the demo is complete you will receive a 1GB USB stick pre-loaded with the Nangate Liberty Viewer.

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