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MEMSIC Announces New Game and Application Solution for Mobile Phone Market

MEMSIC, Inc. (Nasdaq: MEMS), a leading MEMS solution provider and supplier of motion sensors to the mobile phone industry, combining proprietary MEMS technology with advanced mixed signal processing and system solutions, today announced a new game and application solution for the mobile phone market. By collaborating with game developers, MEMSIC is now able to bring a new level of motion-game integration, along with motion-based user interfaces and screen savers, to allow cell phone design houses and manufacturers to offer more value to their end users.

Motion-based UIs in mobile phones for features such as image orientation, menu navigation, and shake-to-change have seen increasing popularity in a wide range of mobile phones over the past several years due to lower prices of motion sensors and the availability of more applications which take advantage of these UIs. In order to provide more value-added solutions to cell phone design houses and manufacturers who want to incorporate exciting applications which use these UIs in their mobile phones, MEMSIC began to cooperate with game developers to develop games with motion-based controls that create a more realistic gaming experience than joysticks or key input. With a library of about 50 popular motion games in the intelligence, shooting, racing and leisure game categories, MEMSIC and its partners can enable mobile phone designers and manufacturers to shorten the development times of new products that incorporate a library of motion-driven games, and bring them to market more quickly.

Due to memory limitations in mobile phone architectures, until now it has not been feasible to have a wide variety of games available on a single device. However, by using a virtual run-time environment (VRE) platform, memory limitations are removed, greatly increasing the number of games and applications available to the end user. MEMSIC will use the VRE platform to integrate its entire library of games and applications onto a single T-flash card, which means that mobile phone companies can offer their customers a much wider array of applications.

MEMSIC and its partners will continue to create and develop new motion game and application solutions based on MEMSIC’s sensors by deeply cooperating with game partners. The VRE platform will support game access website download, providing their customers with the ability to download new applications directly to their phones.

MEMSIC also provides vivid motion-based UIs and screen savers that utilize its motion sensors. These motion UIs can also be integrated into the phone via the VRE platform, creating an interesting and dynamic mobile phone desktop or screensaver that customers can customize with different themes. MEMSIC will provide customers in the mobile market with these customized themes through its dedicated application develop team.

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