Report Covers the Basic Principles and Main Applications of Nanobiotechnology and Nanobiosciences

Research and Markets, the leading source for international market research and market data, has announced the addition of Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd.'s new report "Nanobiotechnology And Nanobiosciences" to their offering.

Nanobiotechnology is capable of yielding a scientific and industrial revolution, as envisioned by the numerous programs on nanotechnology launched over the last decade by councils and governments worldwide, beginning in late 1995 by the Science and Technology Council in Italy, by President Clinton of the USA, and recently by Prime Minister Putin of the Russian Federation.

This volume introduces, in a coherent and comprehensive fashion, the Pan Stanford Series on Nanobiotechnology by defining and reviewing the major sectors of nanobiotechnology and nanobiosciences with respect to the most recent developments. It covers the basic principles and main applications of nanobiotechnology as an emerging field at the frontiers of biotechnology and nanotechnology, with contributions from leading scientists active in their respective specialties.


Nanoscale Materials
Nanoscale Probes
Nanoscale Applications in Health and Science
Nanoscale Applications in Industry and Energy Compatible with Environment
Readership: Researchers and students in nanobiotechnology and nanobiosciences fields.

"This is an impressive compendium of the work of Professor Nicolini and others in the critical area of nanotechnology. Wide ranging in its scope, it addresses the crucial junction between nanotechnology and biology. The label free detection methods covered here will provide powerful new tools for understanding molecular interactions and the nanoscale materials will find far reaching applications in both biology and engineering." Joshua LaBaer - Harvard Medical School, USA

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