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Nanocoating Breaks Down Hydrogen Sulfide and Other VOCs Associated with Chinese Drywall

EcoActive Surface, Inc. announces independent lab test results that dramatically demonstrate their transparent coatings effectiveness in reducing hydrogen sulfide in room atmospheres. The noxious sulfur fumes emitted from Chinese drywall that has caused serious health concerns and corrosion to copper elements can now be constantly reduced by an easily sprayed-on surface clear-coating, OxiTitan VLR. Using only the energy of interior light to breakdown dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds, the carefully engineered coating is composed of nanoscale particles of the same minerals used in safe transparent sunscreens.

99.1% Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction in Interior Light

Our primary market of is the healthcare industry because of OxiTitan VLRs' broad spectrum antimicrobial effects on coated surfaces. However, the photo-oxidation of VOCs such as formaldehyde and hydrogen sulfide make the coating ideal for remediating out-gassing from high sulfur Chinese drywall", states company President, Stewart Averett.

The independent lab tests were conducted by Columbia Analytical Services, a national leader in environmental testing and at the forefront of Chinese drywall studies. Results were an impressive 99.1 % reduction of hydrogen sulfide in static room air within 24 hours, using just ambient room lighting on the OxiTitan VLR treated samples.

Mr. Averett commented, "The tests were designed to show OxiTitan VLRs' effectiveness in adverse circumstances: no air movement, and minimal room lighting on partially shaded textile swatches. The environmental test chambers used normal humidity and temperatures, just as in any home".

Complete test laboratory results, plus independent lab tests showing OxiTitan VLRs' efficacy against dangerous MRSA and VRE bacteria, and even a H1N1 surrogate virus, are available on the EcoActive Surfaces website:

The basis for the technology of OxiTitan VLR is a proprietary nanoscale zinc/titanium dioxide sol that can be easily applied to a wide variety of surfaces and textiles, including finished drywall. The EcoActive Surfaces cleantech innovation provides a virtually invisible, permanent coating with both strong broad-spectrum antimicrobial effects and powerful reduction of noxious odors and dangerous VOCs. The durable mineral coating creates strong initial binding and subsequent photocatalysed oxidation under ordinary interior lighting conditions. The nanoparticle coating is continuously acting, nonstop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year after year, creating hygienic surfaces and clean air. Safe for humans and pets, OxiTitan VLR contains absolutely no toxins, dangerous chemicals or poisons and is benign to the environment.

"With so many homeowners having tainted drywall problems and few alternatives other than demolition and replacement, we are pleased to offer an affordable product that will dramatically reduce the VOCs to safe interior levels", offers Mr. Averett.

At less than 22 cents per square foot, OxiTitan VLR is simply sprayed onto existing surfaces and textiles. Available in a premixed, water-based formula, application is a do-it your-self solution to the problems associated with tainted drywall.

More information can be found at the website: which provides a detailed description of the technology and examples of the antimicrobial and VOC reduction effects of OxiTitan VLR, as conclusively demonstrated by independent laboratory testing.

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