Purdue University Deploys Cyntellect's Microplate-Based Cytometry System in its Facility

Cyntellect, Inc., a privately-held life sciences company commercializing products to advance the study of cell biology, stem cell research, biopharmaceutical production, and drug discovery, today announced that Purdue University has installed the award-winning LEAP Cell Processing Workstation in its Flow Cytometry and Cell Separation Facility. The LEAP workstation is a microplate-based cytometry system used for in situ cell analysis and purification.

Funded by a National Institutes of Health (NIH) Shared Instrument Grant (SIG) from the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), researchers at Purdue's Discovery Park facility are using the LEAP Workstation for high-throughput cell purification with great precision and simplicity within microplates. LEAP combines high-speed whole well imaging and ultra fast laser manipulation for selective and efficient processing of cells right where they are grown. This non-invasive in situ process allows researchers at Purdue to process various adherent and non-adherent cell types in a closed sterile microplate environment with very high yield in less than half the time of conventional techniques.

According to Dr. James F. Leary, SVM Professor of Nanomedicine & Professor of Basic Medical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University, "Cell processing is core to our research activities and much effort is dedicated to processing rare cells simply and at a high rate of speed. We've long relied on Cyntellect technology in the lab and are pleased to now have a commercial system. Cyntellect's LEAP workstation has enabled us to advance our research by adding unique cell processing capabilities." Dr. Leary has more than 30 years of multidisciplinary research experience with funding sources from NIH, NSF, DOE, and NASA.

"We are proud of our close working relationship with Purdue's Discovery Park and other of the world's top academic research institutions and key opinion leaders in the life sciences," said Dr. Fred Koller, Cyntellect's Founder and Chief Technology Officer. "It is through the advancement of their research that Cyntellect is able to innovate and improve LEAP and the other products in its portfolio."

Source: http://www.cyntellect.com/

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