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New Report Shows Biotechnology Companies to Use More Nanobiotechnology Than Before

After decades of high strung research, development, and refining technological improvements, nanobiotechnology is finally ripe for the picking. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries are expected to utilize nanobiotechnology more than ever before in the coming years.

This technology will be applied to all drug development stages, right from - formulations for optimum drug delivery to diagnostic applications in various clinical trials. As dawn breaks on nanomedicine, cutting edge nanodiagnostics and nano-enabled drug delivery mechanisms will be brought to reality including the much touted and romanticized development of tiny devices like nanorobots, powered by nanotechnology capable of carrying out integrated diagnosis and therapy through minimally invasive procedures.

This field of medical science stands optimally poised to benefit from the rapidly aging world population and the paralleling growing need for better healthcare solutions. As nanobiotechnology extends its clout into drug discovery, drug delivery, tissue engineering, diagnostics, implantable devices, imaging agents, and environmental sciences, pharmaceutical majors will increasingly be seen inclining towards this technology as a means to offset the revenue losses caused by patent expiries, and re-establish market exclusivity in the following years.

With nanobiotechnology emerging from a purely research oriented discipline to a more real world application-driven technology, biotech companies, which hitherto exhibited hesitant unwillingness to invest in this hugely capital intensive, high risk, unexplored, and uncharted territory, are now showing keen interest in tapping into this space. The onus is currently on utilizing nanobiotechnology as an applied tool for developing commercial solutions in all areas of international needs ranging from enhancing medicine, healthcare to diversified industry, and environmental solutions. This shift can be put into perspective by the fact that of late, there has been a rise in the numbers of spin offs from research organizations that are facilitating transformation of products from laboratories to the commercialization stage. At this point of inflection in the technology's lifecycle where the focus in shed on developing application driven nano systems rather than unraveling the technology's mysteries, private and public companies are expected to step in to infuse capital and investment funds into the industry. Additionally, the current economic recession has elicited a change in perception and sentiments of venture capital investors, who now are focused on investing in companies with the highest turnover potential, and nanobiotechnology is expected to emerge into the greatest beneficiary of this trend.

In the global nanobiotechnology market, established research projections with long-term investments in the time frame of 3 to six years, will be the least affected with the most acutely impacted being intermediate-term investments within the time range of 12 to 24 months. Government aided projects are likely to continue unfazed, while other privately funded projects are likely to come under cold eyed cost justification. The nanomaterials market, which represents the largest technology segment within this domain, is another factor contributing towards the revenue inflow for the nanobiotechnology market. The US represents the largest regional market for nanobiotechnology worldwide, while the Rest of World market represents the fastest growing regional market. Growth in rest of world market primarily stems from the Asian region, particularly China, South Korea and Taiwan, thanks to the encouraging investment trends and funding commitments that are on with that of the developed nations.

Key players in the marketplace include Aduro BioTech, Arrowhead Research Corporation, Calando Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Unidym, Inc., Agilent Technologies Inc, Asklepios BioPharmaceutical Inc, Biosante Phosphate Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Elan Pharmaceuticals, Flamel Technologies, Inc., Life Technologies Corporation, BioTrove, Inc., Invitrogen Corporation, NanoBio Corporation, Nanogen, Inc., Nanophase Technologies Corporation, pSivida Ltd, Sigma Aldrich Company, Starpharma Holdings Ltd., Dendritic Nanotechnologies, Inc., and Zyvex Instruments LLC.

The report titled "Nanobiotechnology: A Global Strategic Business Report" announced by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., provides a review of noteworthy market trends, growth drivers and issues and enumerates recent industry activities. This study provides market estimates and projections in terms of annual revenues (in US$ Million) for the global market product and application segments. Product segments covered in the report include Nanomaterials (Solid Inorganic Nanoparticles, Nanocomposites, Nanostructured Materials & Membranes, Nanotubes and Fullerenes and Other Nanomaterials) and Nanodevices/Tools, while the application segments include Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Medical Research and Others. The study also provides market estimates and projections for the US, Japan, Europe and Rest of World markets.


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