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GoNano Secure Grant to Continue Development of Nanospring Materials

National Science Foundation awarded a Phase I SBIR grant in the amount of $147,095 to GoNano Technologies, Inc., a Moscow, Idaho-based nanotechnology company specializing in the development of high surface area Nanospring materials, to continue developing their Carbon Capture & RecyclingTM (CCR) technology.

"Carbon Capture & Recycle treats carbon dioxide as a feedstock for the production of marketable chemical byproducts thereby transforming CO2 from a waste product to a commodity", said Tim Kinkeade, CEO of GoNano Technologies. "This scalable, cost effective approach offers greenhouse gas emitters the opportunity to capitalize on their emissions through recycling of CO2 into valuable feedstock chemicals."

Using a photocatalyst consisting of silica Nanosprings coated with a combination of titanium dioxide and proprietary dopants, GoNano Technologies has successfully demonstrated conversion of CO2 to useful and commercially valuable feedstock chemicals, including methanol, formic acid, and formaldehyde. GoNano Technologies' CCR is the only photocatalytic carbon recycling system that offers a selectable product output based on input and flow rate.

U.S. Senator Jim Risch said he is pleased the company received the grant funding to continue their research with carbon recycling technology. "GoNano Technologies is an innovative company that is working to reduce emissions. They are proof that a small company, based in Idaho, can be in the forefront of solving some of our most pressing national issues. I wish them well as they continue with their transformational work."

"The SBIR Phase I award from the National Science Foundation will help GoNano Technologies transition our patent pending Nanospring Carbon Capture and Recycle technology from the bench-top towards a viable approach to mitigating anthropogenic carbon," added Dr. David McIlroy, Vice President of Research.

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